Examination seems to be the dreaded word for most learners. We believe it is not important to test what the student knows or does not know but it is important to facilitate the learning process. We do not have a formal examination to decide whether a student has passed or failed a program. The TEFL courses have a continuous assessment system wherein the learner is aware of his or her progress.

Since most of our courses are professional development programs for adults the people who enroll for our courses have other commitments and yet take the time to pursue a course of study. Therefore time is of utmost importance. Hence we have made the assignments simple yet effective. Each phase or module has Multiple Choice Questions format. The candidate is able to therefore complete the assignments quickly and with minimum effort. Yet it demonstrates understanding of concepts and content. The MCQs are self corrected on line and an instant score is also generated.

To ensure learning is taking place there is a mid term and end term assignment which shows insights into learning and teaching. The assignments also give scope for originality and innovation to be demonstrated. The assignments are carefully read and commented upon. We pride ourselves in the quality of our evaluation. The comments highlight areas that need to be appreciated and suggestions are made for areas that need consideration. If an assignment does not fulfill the demand of the question the candidate may be asked to rework on it before a final grade is given.