The first eligibility for the Asian College of Teachers courses is the enthusiasm for learning. Having said that, all our courses are open for graduates in any discipline with good proficiency in English. Anyone with an interest and flair for teaching can apply for any of the TEFL courses.

The candidates may be fresh graduates who are unsure of a career path. The TEFL courses are of short duration and affordable and gives one a head start in the teaching profession. It is an international professional qualification that can be used to apply for English teaching jobs at any point in their lives. It also adds value to their resume for future employment.

Experienced teachers who are looking for a refresher course or for continuous professional development courses are also eligible for our TEFL courses. Teaching for long at a particular level can get stagnating. Teachers need to continuously upgrade themselves. So, experienced teachers wishing to switch levels and context of teaching are also eligible for our allied TEFL courses.

Other eligible candidates are those who are looking for a career change and want to explore teaching as an alternative career option. The corporate world can be very stressful and exhausting. After a while the rewards lose their allure and leave one feeling frustrated and depressed. Teaching on the other hand is a very rewarding career. The ability to touch lives is unique and very self satisfying. Therefore those who are looking for a more meaningful career are also eligible for our TEFL courses.

TEFL courses may be pursued by those who wish to travel and earn. Those who are looking for jobs teaching English abroad are eligible for our TEFL programs. The TEFL course certificate gives one the exclusive opportunity to explore different countries and experience the culture, food, language and people of far flung exotic places. However travelling can be expensive and time consuming. One way to travel and earn is to have a TEFL qualification. Instead of being a regular tourist if one can satisfy the desire to travel and at the same time contribute to society then it is a perfect recipe for happiness. All those who have the wanderlust with a concern for society and the environment are eligible for our TEFL courses.