ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification Asian College of Teachers

ISO 9001 presses the need of establishing a Quality Management System inside a company for supervising the production of a product or service. The certification does not comment on the quality of the product or services, rather it accreditates the process of production thereby setting a standard for managing and reviewing the process.

The quality management system of Asian College of Teachers (trading brand of TTA Training Private Limited) was awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Certification (Certificate No FS 561839) which confirms with the Global BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard on 30th April 2010. We, at ACT, always strive to set incomparable standards in the nature of training we impart thereby providing high quality services to our external customers (those who are participating in training). To achieve this goal certain developments have been brought forward which includes a system of quality statements, operating procedures and work instructions. This "Quality System" enables and guides us to achieve services of impeccable standards and exhilarating students' satisfaction. Costs can be efficiently reduced by extricating wasted efforts and material which happens due to mix-ups or lost products. For such effective service identification and easy traceability, we at Asian College of Teachers, have developed a number of products which are in-house, as well as many units of single products which are the online and onsite version of different training.

Effective deliverance of services is being ensured at ACT through the numerous processes which cater to the day to day operation of the business. (By process we mean a systemized series of actions which are directed towards a set goal or end). To make sure that the service is delivered correctly and consistently we believe that it is imperative to maintain control over those processes and also to document the processes. This well planned process control helps to eliminate wasted effort and material due to incorrect and inconsistent delivery of services. This is highly beneficent as it reduces cost. One of the key processes i.e. handling customer complaints is also aided through this. The main objective of the process is to identify the root causes of complaints thereby introducing definite and progressive corrective measures. This helps in minimizing complaints leading to rewarding customer satisfaction.