280 hrs Advanced Diploma in TEFL

Asian College of Teachers offers a comprehensive Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL course meticulously designed for both experienced and wannabe TEFL professionals who are looking for thoroughly crafted information in the field of TEFL. This course is a combination of the TEFL Certificate course and the Diploma module. The Advanced Diploma in TEFL course offers specialized and highly developed training to those who are interested in teaching English to non native speakers. This course is dynamic and realistic and meets the needs of the applicant. The Advanced Diploma is a qualification which has an elevated value and in that way gives the educator an opportunity to get the best teaching English abroad job. The world has opened up their doors to the proficient and certified EFL teachers.

The Advanced Diploma in TEFL in TEFL course follows a resourceful approach when it comes to enriching the knowledge of the TEFL teachers to teach irrespective of the age and nationality of the learners. Thailand has become the current sought after destination for EFL teachers. This course is the perfect projection of a post graduate diploma coupled with a worldwide accepted TEFL certification. Such a course is a key indicator to better employability in the TEFL domain. This especially tailored 280 hours TEFL course will make way for an exciting EFL teaching career in the enthralling locations across the world. The course is perfect to polish skills on the most recent approaches, which helps to bring in creativity to the TEFL class and better perspective on the non native learners’ needs. The course is for teachers and aspirants at all levels who are looking at enhancement in this field. Advanced Diploma in TEFL course helps the candidates realize their dream of teaching and travelling around the world.

Advanced Diploma in TEFL course offers a distinctive prospect to study for a qualification which links teaching English as foreign language to wider aspects of TEFL education. It gives the educator the opening to explore better positions and receive better remuneration. The Advanced Diploma in TEFL course is perfect for trainers who are at present in this line of work and are looking for more progression and career up gradation. The program is thought out to be useful and the candidate will have chances to access tailored teaching and learning resources. The program is designed with information and understanding of up to date course relevant to the contemporary teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language. The objective is to assist the candidates in becoming a reflective TEFL expert and a competent professional in the TEFL field.

The Advanced Diploma is of 1 year duration which includes all the contemporary methods and approaches of EFL teaching giving the candidate an in-depth scenario of TEFL field. The course gives emphasis on conveying a complete view of TEFL scenario to the candidates who want to teach EFL or ESL effectively around the world. This comprehensive course also includes self study projects and research module. The candidate can easily opt for this course from anywhere at any time making it more beneficial for the working professionals. The online course material along with video content is available online or can be downloaded at one’s own suitability. This P G Diploma course of 280 hours duration is a perfect option for those who want to carve a niche in TEFL domain and also for working teachers who are ready to improve his/her teaching and boost their career .This course covers theoretical as well as practical features of English language teaching.

The Curriculum for the TEFL Advanced Diploma program is well researched and meant for today’s classroom. The course is student focused, practical and very effective. Research shows that language learning has to be practical. The Advanced Diploma course from Asian College of Teachers is a teacher training course that lays emphasis on practical usage and authentic contexts. It helps teachers to help students speak & communicate in the target language. Teachers not only focus on language but also on the learning process. It helps English teachers to bridge the gap between theory & practice.

The components of the Research Module are A Brief History of ELT, Methodologies and Testing and Evaluation. The students have to research and explore the given topics and then answer questions based on their reading and understanding.

Phase 1 - Introduction to TESOL

Language Acquisition

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Acquisition Vs Learning

EFL teaching

  • Methodologies and Approaches


  • Language Learners and their levels

Phase 2 - The Study of English


  • The structures
  • Contextualizing Grammar


  • Segmental
  • Supra-segmental

Teaching Vocabulary

Phase 3 - Teaching Techniques (Language Skills)

Part I

  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing

Part II

  • Context and Language Modeling
  • Communicative ways

Phase 4 -

Classroom Management

  • The components

Disaster Management

  • Mixed and large groups

Phase 5 - Lesson Planning

  • Guidelines
  • Format
  • Samples

Phase 6 – Need Based language Teaching

  • EAP
  • ESP
  • Business Communication

Phase 7 – Teaching Young Learners

  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Different orientation
  • Songs, Rhymes, Stories and games

Module 8 – Text books and Materials

  • Evaluating Text books
  • Types and use of Materials

Phase 9 – Research and Self Study

Teaching EFL to the non-native learners is a challenging job, and it needs a great deal of specific and methodological training. The course modules will provide the candidates with a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge as well as suitable practical methodology. The course ideally designed for the experienced and the aspiring bachelor degree holders who want an advanced know-how on the TEFL methodology. The course material is designed to give an in depth and practical over view. The Advanced Diploma module caters to the particular ideas about the different TEFL context. The course is intended to make the candidate conscious of the requirements of the learners and teach accordingly. The course is tailored to meet the exact needs of TEFL teachers when it comes to professional expansion. It is ideal for the working teachers or those wishing to develop into TEFL teachers. The modules are divided into many parts and incorporate different language teaching methodologies including the brief history of English language teaching, self-study projects and research module.

Learning English has always been important for the non-English speakers and the trend of teaching English has changed its colour and style throughout the centuries. The TEFL teacher should look at the historical background of it. This module provides an informative outline of ELT history which counteracts some critical reflection.

The course is dynamic and practically modelled to meet the requirements of the applicant. It will help the applicant to deepen his/her knowledge and know different methods of teaching and learning TEFL. The candidates will learn innovative approaches to become more efficient in their teaching. The self-study project is a successful way to develop the teaching skills and the projects are designed specifically for the advance TEFL teachers.

The Advanced Diploma in TEFL course is a wide ranging teacher training course. The full duration of the course is 280 hours or 1 Years. On the other hand the online course is in self-study mode and the time can vary for different candidate. The applicant can also successfully complete the course within 4-5 months if they can allocate more time for the course. The flexible timing helps out the applicant to go for an in detail learning. The program module engages different methods of English language teaching, research and self-study.

The course is entirely appropriate to the present day teaching parameter. The online course can be availed from anywhere at any point of time. The candidate only needs to have an internet connection. The course provides a holistic teaching experience to excel in the professional TEFL world effectively. The phases or assignments need to be done in the fixed time provided during registration. The candidate will get a 24 X7 support from the course coordinator and tutor can access the course material online.

Advanced Diploma in TEFL by Asian College of Teachers can be availed at a reasonable fee 29,500/- INR (18% GST applicable). The candidates can avail the course if he/she has basic computer skills and an internet connection. The online course helps the candidate gain substantial knowledge and instils a sense of confidence among the candidates so that they do not face any problem in class full of budding English speakers.

​600 USD 450 GBP 29500 INR 18500 THB​

* Service taxes as applicable

Asian College of Teachers has been providing excellent teacher training courses for almost a decade. Our teachers are teaching all across the world. The certificates have an added benefit as the word “Online” is not mentioned in the certificates. The shipment cost of certificates within India is free but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional USD 25 (South East Asian & Middle Eastern Countries) and USD 35 (rest of the world) once the course is successfully completed. It takes maximum 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the respective addresses.

  • Certificates are accredited by TESOL Canada
  • Option to sit for TESOL Canada Board Exam
  • Certificate can be Notarized, Apostled, Attested by Embassy of India in Ottawa or Washington
  • Certificates can be signed and sealed by UAE Embassy in USA or Canada
  • Certificates can be authenticated by Canada -Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Certificates can be authenticated by USA - department of Foreign Affairs