Course highlights

  • ACT is now the authorised centre for Teaching Knowledge Test, Cambridge
  • ACT courses are endorsed by the prestigious Training Qualifications, UK
  • ACT offers a cluster of customized TEFL courses accredited by TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • TEFL courses certified by London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT)
  • Aspirants from varied backgrounds are eligible to apply
  • Flexible learning and 24x7 in-country tutor support for trainees
  • Globally recognized certificate allows trainees to teach English abroad
  • Only fully Accredited TEFL Course with Certificates Notarized, Attested by USA, Canada and Indian Embassy
  • ACT Online / Distance courses include 20 hours of Videos from World Renowned TEFL Trainers
  • Each Student is given individual attention during his/her TEFL course
  • Option to go for a One week face-to-face refresher TEFL course in various locations in India (Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Hyderabad and Kolkata)
  • Courses designed, developed and managed by board of academics comprising of lecturers, professors, educationists and TEFL professionals of global repute
  • ACT is member of the TEFL Asia, the foundation organization that manages, hosts and offers TEFL jobs all over Asia
  • ACT has strong job search network available in the ASIA zone for 10 years with partner placement organizations in Thailand, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore
  • ACT has organized Teachers Job Fair in India, Thailand, China with more than 600 schools participating from Asia
  • ACT's partner job portal has got recognition for its continuous support to the school community in Asia Pacific region
120 hour of TESOL certificate course
(online / distance)
  • The 120 hour of TESOL comes with an international certification and is mandatory for all who want to travel and teach English across the globe. The course focuses on teaching the skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing through interactive activities and builds the classroom management skills.
  • The course is available in online as well as distance mode.
  • Duration : 4 months
  • The course fees: 14,500/- INR (online) +18% GST
  • The course is suited for the active as well as aspiring teachers and also for those who want a change in their career and are looking at travel to exotic places across the globe. 


220 hour of TESOL Diploma course
(online / distance)
  • The 220 hour of TESOL Diploma course includes the 120 hours TESOL curriculum, the Diploma phase of research and additionally there is a choice between a course in Teaching English to Young learners or Business English Teachers’ Training.
  • The course is available in online as well as distance mode.
  • The course fees: 22,000/- INR (onlne) +18% GST
  • Duration: 8 months
  • The course is an up-gradation for a teacher at any level and opens up opportunities to teach across the world. The course can be completed by a corporate, an executive, a homemaker and also an entrepreneur.


in TEFL 280 hours of Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL (Online)
  • This course of 280 hours duration provides in-depth knowledge in the field of TEFL. The curriculum includes various language teaching methodologies with a brief history on English Language Teaching. Self-study projects and research module are also part of the course curriculum.
  • The course is available in online mode
  • The course fees : 29,500/- INR (online) +18% GST
  • Duration : 11 months
  • The course is an advanced program aimed at aspiring and working teachers and the curriculum includes various language teaching methodologies with a brief history on English Language Teaching. Self-study projects and research module are also part of the course curriculum.


360 hours of International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers with Specialization in TEFL
  • This course features in-depth knowledge about the changing role of today’s teachers and trainers those who are willing to go beyond the traditional teaching in order to create a positive learning environment. It comprises a wide array of courses including TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management.
  • Course is available in online mode
  • The course fees : 37,500 INR (18% GST as applicable)    (online)
  • Duration : 15 months
  • The course is a comprehensive program aimed at teaching professionals and administrators those who are planning to shape a successful career into teaching/ training and administrative department of an educational institution.


What is TEFL / TESOL?

TEFL course has evolved with the global requirement of communication in English and an ever increasing demand for trained teachers and trainers. TEFL confers an international recognition to its alumni and an offer to work anywhere around the world. The certificate makes the dream of finding jobs teaching English come true for the aspiring teachers........

What are the job opportunities that come with TESOL?

TEFL is not only a passport to teach, travel and touch lives, but also provides the right opportunities for those who want a change in their careers.......

Who should attend?

TESOL is open for a graduate in any discipline who has a passion for teaching with near-native English accuracy. It is ideal for all those who aspire for a job teaching English abroad.......

Internationally Accredited TEFL Course

The courses are duly validated by the eminent College of Birmingham (COB) and accredited by TESOL Canada, a reputed academic institute related to American TESOL.Through TESOL Canada, the TEFL candidates of Asian College of Teachers can get their certificate notarized by various government and also get Embassy Validation. ACT has also acquired a long term partnership with Pebble Hills University (PHU) and London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT) and after successful completion of the courses the candidates will be awarded with an internationally accredited certificate by PHU and LSTT. The courses have been recognized by many well-known institutions of global repute.

Student's Support During and After the course

The candidates would receive 24x7 support from the trainers throughout the course and 100% placement assistance from our placement cell. The courses not only equip the candidates with latest teaching methodologies but transform an aspiring teacher into an expert educator. It helps the teacher to face any global classroom with confidence and design lessons according to the learners' needs.