Benefits of International Diploma

Globalization and Teacher Training

Globalization has become a trend today as in other sectors and is greatly affecting teacher training worldwide. The standards of learning have also become higher in the 21st century and this has led to teacher training institutions to design programs where the teachers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry out teaching, training and management responsibilities with confidence and élan. With the world becoming a global village a conspicuous change is noticeable among the 21st century learners as well. This has shifted the responsibility on the teacher training institutes to train prospective teachers and trainers accordingly.

Advantage of ACT's International Diploma

Asian College of Teachers s International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL has been designed taking into account this changing scenario in the teaching and training sectors. With geographical boundaries blurring and the demand of trained and accomplished teachers rising around the world especially in Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, this international diploma is highly recommended for anyone planning an international career in teaching, training and education management and looking forward to teaching and training in a foreign classroom. ACT's International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers has a great advantage and has been developed to give the aspiring teachers and trainers the highest quality preparation as teacher training constitutes an important component of today’s education sector.

Job Prospects after taking the Course

The demand for well prepared teachers and trainers across the globe is being seen as a great opportunity by the prospective teachers as there is a huge requirement for trained teaching professionals making teaching and training an all new exciting career altogether. There are loads of teaching and education management jobs in Asia and Middle East which can always be tapped by the aspiring teachers but it is the private sector which is showing considerable promise in terms of training jobs as well.

Teachers can start off by teaching in all levels of school ranging from elementary, middle and high schools to private language schools. Private language schools are a great place for TEFL trained teachers to start with. Of late, many corporate houses worldwide are hiring trained English instructors for teaching Business English to their employees. Companies are recruiting trainers who can train the staff and can work as in house English trainer. In many countries there are teachers who indulge in private teaching or freelance teaching while others can switch to the administrative wing of an educational institution. Armed with ACT's international diploma aspiring teacher, trainer and educational administrators can become a part of a global profession.