Career in Teaching

Teaching in 21st Century

Teaching is and has always been a highly respected profession but of late, a career in teaching has become greatly desirable. The 21st century teaching environment has become intellectually demanding as today’s teachers and trainers are facing the learners from diverse backgrounds and as a result they are expected to bring a wide range of skills and expertise to the classroom. With every passing day, teaching and training bring with it a blend of challenges and opportunities. Teachers and trainers are joining the profession from a variety of backgrounds and as a result they require thorough training and additional skills to pursue the teaching profession successfully.

ACT's International Diploma is an Investment

The blurring of the international boundaries has broadened the teaching and training landscape which has created for teachers, trainers and educational administrators making teaching and training an all new exciting career altogether with jobs galore in dream destinations for those with a passion for teaching. Today’s teaching and training are not confined to the academic area only but the teachers have to sometimes shoulder the additional responsibility of managerial tasks as well. Taking this changing scenario into account, Asian College of Teachers is offering International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL to produce teachers, trainers and administrators of international standards with global perspectives. ACT's international diploma is an investment in terms of a challenging as well as rewarding career in teaching, training and education management.

Career Opportunities

International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL is a comprehensive course covering a broad range of areas like TEFL, Young Learners Teacher Training, Business English Teacher Training, Train the Trainer and Education Management. The course can be taken by aspiring as well as professional teachers ranging from fresh graduates just out of college to university lecturers who can get trained with the attitude and knowledge and can compete easily in the global teaching job market keeping up with its constant challenges. The course is ideal for professionals from different sectors and even career changers who want to opt for a different career path in foreign locations. Those into corporate training and teaching language and trainers from varied sectors like BPO, HR and even managers with training responsibilities will get benefitted as this course will help them transform into highly savvy trainers with enhanced training skills who will be adept to fit into any kind of training environment. Teachers trying to progress to a senior management position or educators already into prominent leadership roles in an educational institution like principals can take this course to hone their administrative skills. Anyone with a penchant for teaching and looking to progress in their careers either within the classroom or in a management role can pursue this course.

Job Prospects across the Globe

Enrolling in Asian College of Teachers ’s International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL will not only provide the trainees with a globally recognized certificate but introduce them to various interesting careers in teaching, training and education management. Middle East is an extremely diverse region and teaching and training jobs are plentiful in the region. Gulf countries are showing promise as they are keen to hire professionally trained teachers and trainers for numerous jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. Asia Pacific region has also opened up their doors to expert and certified teachers and trainers as Asian countries follow a systematic approach when it comes to recruiting teachers. Thailand has become the current sought after destination for EFL/ESL teachers. A lot of well financed government initiatives are conspicuous in Japan and with countries like South Korea and Vietnam steadily making its presence felt in the corporate world, teaching and training job openings are at an ever expanding mode. China is churning out huge vacancies for teachers and there are adequate jobs in Malaysia, Cambodia and Taiwan as well for teachers, trainers and educational administrators.

Ample job oppurtunities are available in European and American countries as well.