Tutor Support and Videos

Tutor Support & Videos

Asian College of Teachers lends all kinds of support to the trainees from the time they get enrolled till the placement assistance after the completion of the course. Trainees pursuing International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL will be offered complete tutor support to enhance their teaching skills and are provided with the opportunities to reflect on the different areas of this international diploma. They will make the trainees familiarize with the different aspects of teaching, training and educational administration for which the trainees will get adequate and relevant study materials along with useful videos. Videos are designed especially for the course to make it informative, interesting and interactive.

Tutoring Services for Trainees

International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers equips the trainees with all the latest techniques and teaching styles which help them to not only become successful educators but will broaden their horizons on the personal level as well. Both Online and Distance trainees will get total support from ACT's tutors who will provide complete guidance and continuously monitor the development of the trainees. The trainees can email their tutors seeking help and advice and can expect answer within 12 hours. They can also opt for online chatting with the tutors between 10 am and 6 pm and can solve their problems related to the course. The trainees can also access online videos especially designed for the course along with other course materials.

ACT's Tutors

Tutors associated with Asian College of Teachers are highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers having extensive experience at all levels of teaching and training. They are patient and always keen to help the trainees to maximize their potential and support them with all elements of study throughout the course. The dynamic tutors of Asian College of Teachers not only provide extensive support but constantly encourage student participation and promote effective learning strategies. They are concerned about the individual needs of the trainees pursuing International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers and create a favorable learning experience by giving them valuable advice whenever the trainees face hurdles answering certain questions.