ACT's Diploma Certification

Asian College of Teachers ’s International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL is a comprehensive course covering an array of specialized areas of study pertaining to teaching, training and educational management which broadens the career prospects as the trainees earn professional certificates which open up numerous opportunities in the field of teaching, training and education management. This international diploma connects teaching aspirants from varied educational as well as professional backgrounds making way for lucrative teaching professions.

Value of ACT Certificate

In today’s competitive global job market there is a growing demand for trained teaching professionals who have a thorough idea about the latest methods and specific skills of teaching, training and management. But mere knowledge of the subject does not count unless a certificate is provided. A certificate makes a huge difference when it comes to seeking employment across the globe. Trainees successfully completing ACT's International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL will receive globally recognized certificate which is accepted anywhere around the world.ACT's International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers is accredited by prestigious institutes and international bodies which will keep the teaching aspirants one step ahead for better teaching, training and management positions in the flourishing education sector.

Job Credential

Stepping into the worlds of teaching, training and education management can be a very rewarding and successful experience for those planning an international career. Earning the International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with Specialization in TEFL and getting the certificate is a valuable credential which distinguishes a teaching aspirant as a professional. The certificate not only adds value to the CV but gives the teacher/trainer something substantial to talk about at the next job interview. Bagging teaching, training and administrative jobs in foreign locations could be a great start to new and interesting experience altogether. Middle East and Asia Pacific regions have become prospective markets for teachers and trainers with jobs galore which come with a bunch of facilities and attractive pay package. Middle Eastern countries and Asian nations put a lot of emphasis on teacher and trainer quality and they demonstrate a systematic approach while recruiting as well. Educational institutions abroad are keen to hire teachers, trainers and administrators with a proper certification and International